I Got Engaged on Canada Day

5 Jul
canada day wedding

photo from WonderClipArts.com

It’s July 4th, Canada Day and Hong Kong Handover Anniversary this weekend. I’m also officially engaged.

Knowing that we are both bad at remembering numbers, my fiance had cleverly planned to pop the question on Canada Day to minimize anniversaries. As a good Canadian himself, he deserves a patriotism award for making this special day extra-special for the rest of our lives.

My version of our proposal story is as followed:

For the most part of the day I wanted to puke.

I wanted to puke because we were plastered from half a glass of alcohol. This weird low tolerance on our special day can be attributed to none other than fate and utter stupidity; yet we could not have avoided doing so.

Let me back track and provide some background information. Choosing Santa Barbara as the location for this Proposal Trip was a no brainer because that was where we first met. Before I start on the whole circular motif and significance, we were very clear about the purpose of this trip:

1) To get Engaged

2) To eat State Brand Butter at Moby Dick Restaurant.

State Brand Butter is hands down the BEST BUTTER in the USofA and you’re getting this from a bread hater! The only way you can get it is either order 30 lbs of that from their distributor or go to Moby Dicks. We ordered half a dozen oysters, a glass of house white ( which was amazing last time) and had our hopes high when the the bread basket arrived.

Reality stroke: No State Brand Butter  and the half dozen oysters were the blandest tasting slimy thing that had ever gone down my throat. Disappointed, we toasted and said at least the wine was good. Half a glass later, my fiance was a glowing Asian and I was buzzed as hell. Now we’re talking about 2 business conference veterans who can talk deals after 5 mixed drinks. We staggered our way back to the hotel and he passed out right away. I wanted to be able to wake him up in time for dinner so I decided to Food Channel the time away.

About 8 episodes of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives later, I was sick of Guy Fieri’s face and realized that if we didn’t get out to get food, we would starve and my upset stomach would only get worse. My fiance woke up and he smelt like alcohol.

I said ” please don’t kiss me because it makes me wanna puke

Back on State Street I was actually extremely restless because I didn’t know when he’s gonna pop the question. We checked out some random balcony that I thought he was planning to propose on but ended up not because the view from that balcony was like TREES. You know how I feel about trees.  My heart was actually pounding from worries and excitement.

This was the night that I would never forget: the night when my boy friend ask me to marry him and I would answer him with a resounding “PLURGHHHHHH”.

The fear for that was too real so I suggested that we stopped by Starbucks to get peppermint tea to calm my stomach. Ladies, I’m tellin’ ya Peppermint Tea will save yo lives one day.

My fiance led me to an alley behind the Paseo Nuevo Center ( exactly location above!!). We walked pass some night shift workers who were just chilling there and I started to have this irrational fear of getting mugged while getting proposed. That distracted my fear of vomiting a little bit. He took me to this bench and said his feet hurt. I was like ” is this a decoy or are his feet really hurting?” Of course I didn’t say it out loud and just concentrated on my peppermint tea. So at the moment when he decided that his feet should stop hurting, he started “the speech” and the comet hit the earth.

Andrew is very proud of his speeches and I’m not going to disclose exactly what  he said here because it was for me. But let me just say that it was tremendously significant and had a circular motif that referenced my tattoo, which was a reference to other things. (sorry we were English majors.)

He was sitting extremely close and I didn’t know what to do but to kiss him because his face was like literally on my cheek. Finally he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I must have said yes before he finished asking. He pulled out this ring and slide it on my left ring finger. We kissed and I told him that I didn’t need to puke anymore. He was glad to hear that.

So it was my side of the story and I wish I had more pictures to show. This whole engagement thing is still extremely surreal and I’m confused by how,when and what should I tell who about this. But that will be another post.

Shit My Fiance Says: Spending Benjamins like a Mo Fo

30 Jul

I got my cho lo, in the T-O, spending benjamins like a mo fo


Cho Lo:  short for Cho Lo Po (娶老婆) – getting a wife

T-O: short for Toronto

Totally Creepy Fortune Cookie

2 Jul
fortune cookie

What's happening 3 months from now?????

My Vintage Wedding Ceremony Dress

30 Jun

I learned that there is really no such thing as Vintage Wedding Dress Shopping. It was more like showing up at multiple vintage stores hoping that the right dress will find me. I visited a few vintage centrals in Los Angeles, including Burbank, La Brea and Melrose last weekend. After many trial and errors, I finally met the dress for my Wedding Ceremony.

It started off at the La Brea/Fairfax junction. I made my first stop at American Rag Cie and found this dress. I was delighted that the waist fitted perfectly, which was rare considering my petite frame. While I love the rustic daintiness of the ivory lace, this was merely the first shop and I was hesitant to make a decision. American Rag Cie allowed me to hold the dress for 24 hours!

vintage wedding dress

$100 from American Rag Cie

Let the Dress Hunt began~

I crossed the street to Buffalo Exchange and found a long white dress on the rack for $18. Couldn’t decide if I look like a 1820s cat lady or I’ve instantly gained 20 lbs…

vintage wedding dress fail

$18 from Buffalo Exchange

Having no luck so far, I decided to head out to Burbank.

vintage wedding dress

The dress kind of look like this but 100X more awesome.

A year ago I found a dress at Swift. The lovely Carrie Diaz does reconstruction and her store has an amazing collection of vintage dresses. I fell in love with a beautiful strapless ball gown with cascading layers of vintage lace from the 40s. It was $400 and a serious steal but I wasn’t engaged at the time. I found Carrie again and asked her about the dress. She said that it was bought by a Japanese buyer. Meanwhile in Japan, some bride is lucky.

I went to PlayClothes, Audrey K and Magnolia Gowns and Bridal ( super sweet lady working there by the way) and had no luck. So I drove back to my go-to vintage store, Unique Vintage.

This is their Ivory Cotton Flirty Halter Swing Dress. I have the same dress in red and I couldn’t justify buying another one in white. Also the glaring whiteness of this dress took awaythat vintage flair despite the swing shape.

unique vintage white swing dress

$88 from Unique Vintage

After a day of dress hunt, I decided to further explore the Westside the next day on Melrose Ave. I checked out Slow, Bleu, CrossRoad Trading Co, and Wasteland . The most fun I had was at American Vintage because everything was dirt cheap and wacky. Then I found this amazing little house on the prairie dress for $38. It fits me like skin. I was  tempted to wear it for kicks as a night gown. My fiance and I had a field day planning Faerie Queen Thursdays on which I would wear this dress at home and speak in old english.

medieval wedding dress

$38 from American Vintage

The Verdict: Vintage dress shopping was an unique experience because it hinged entirely on chance in an almost romantic way. Finally I decided to go back to my first dress and tried it on a second time. It felt like it belonged to me and it’s now officially mine.

Coming Up: My Los Angeles Vintage Wedding Dress Hunt Route and Maps >>

Nude Wedding Photos from China – Oh No You Didn’

29 Jun

The nude wedding photo trend appeared to be all the rage in China in 2009.  Judging from resources on Chinese wedding sites, they are still very much around.  Some photographers tried to call a ban on this but why would you try to stop happily naked people from being naked? Here are 9 Not Your Mama’s Wedding Photos, but definitely Not Safe For Dad. Not your idea of ridiculous? Check out these Extreme Wedding Photo Shoots.

nude wedding photos

nude wedding photos

nude wedding photos

photo from 99wed

nude wedding photos

photo from 99wed

nude wedding photos

photo from 99wed

nude chinese wedding photos

photo from 99wed

nude wedding photos

photos from 99wed

The Reason Comes, The Reason Comes you….

nude wedding photos

photo from 99wed

*all photos were promo shots from photography studios and found on public wedding forums.

Chinese Wedding Planning – Return of the Bride

28 Jun

receipt cat 3 Days after the wedding ceremony, the newly wed are supposed to pay a visit to the bride’s family home. This is called 三朝回門, the return of the bride.

I believe traditionally this is when the bride can privately bitch about her new place in a safe environment. In modern time, it’s a gathering for both family to devour a giant roasted pig.

Here is what you need:

The Groom’s Gifts:

  1.  1 Roasted Pig : This roasted pig is a receipt of your virginity so it is of immense significance that it must be delivered whole. You maidenhood will taste delicious with mustard or hoi sin sauce.
  2. 2 bottles of wine
  3. 2 dozen cakes
  4. Fruit
roasted pig

No Refund, Store Credit Only. Not even that, Screw it.

The Bride’s family will need to return part of the Groom’s Gifts:

  1. Head, tail, feet and half of the Roasted Pig
  2. 1 bottle of wine
  3. 1 dozen cakes
  4. Fruits
  5. Cock, Hen and a few chicks
  6. 2 sugar canes and lettuce with roots.
roasted pig

Your maidenhood has never tasted better!

Check out my Chinese Wedding Tradition Series >>

New York Legalized Gay Marriage – Counting My Blessings

27 Jun

This video made me want to cry tears of joy and hope that California and the nation can follow suit very soon.

I’m proud of the few Republican senators who risked their career to vote for this bill. As we celebrate in San Francisco and all over the world, for those of us who are getting married, count your blessing for a right that we take for granted.

I’ve written about why I’m getting married and I can’t imagine how devastated I would be if someone shows up and tells me that I can’t get married for a reason that is similar to ” because I said so.” We are fortunate enough that the only thing we waited was for our men to propose. Even that feels like an eternity and enough for many of us to give up and move on. Then we wait for our marriage license, our dress fitting, our invitation, the bachelorette party, the ceremony where our vows and future are consecrated by loved ones and the law. Now imagine all these waitings have no end in sight. None of us girls will wait for a man who didn’t pop the question after 10 years.

Our State is such a man all along, too scared to commit.

Yet our gay Californians still hold on and have faith. How much does it take to wait this long? And for those who think that people who are so deeply in love and so desparate for recognition only deserve the second best, just ask yourself, why didn’t YOU get a civil union instead?

Civil Union is not enough; Domestic Partnership is not enough. They are not enough for me. I deserve better and those who had patience and persisted, deserve even more.



Shit My Fiance Says – Engagement Campaign

27 Jun

[background: we are both marketing people]

Me: Help me think of “back to school” Facebook campaigns.

Fiance: Buy our shit, contest, theme sale, what?

Me:  We have a sweepstake for acquisition and need a few engagement campaigns..
Fiance:  I am already busy creating an engagement campaign.
Me: Like what? [ didn’t get it]
Fiance:  Oh it’s confidential


Weekly Round Up: New York Gay Marriage, AutoWedding Machine and Vagina Wedding Dress

26 Jun

Just cleaned up my place in preparation for my boyfriend to arrive next Tuesday for some important activities to be taken place this weekend. I’ve had a few freak out sessions about this whole marriage thing. Ah! The wait!!!


new york gay marriage

photo from dailypolitical

New York Legalized Gay Marriage on Friday and couples can get married as soon as July. This definitely gives me perspective on how blessed we are to be able to get married any time, any where we want to. Proud of NYC and I pray that California will follow soon.

autowedding machine

photo from Dezeen

Okay, now way to trivialize marriage here (oh the irony), British designer Concerpt Shed came up with a AutoWedding Machine which dispenses wedding certificates and wedding rings in plastic eggs. Couples can pick from “gay”, “lesbian”, “straight” and “BFF” certificates and after the transaction is done, they get 2 plastic eggs containing the rings and a wedding receipt. While it’s quite fucked up that this toy existed, I have to say that those plastic eggs really bring back childhood memories.

It all started here: This bride here looks unearthly gorgeous in this dress with the silver rhinestone appliques.

wedding dress with silver applique

photo from stylemepretty

That got me thinking about DIY appliques and found this awesome fabric flower maker on Etsy…


fabric flowers

photo from Krissy167 from Etsy


I’ve written about the Inception Wedding video that went viral last week. While I can comprehend arriving at the wedding venue in helicopter (since it’s apparently the only choice for this poor couple), I don’t understand this following Save the Date video. Are they all actors? What is this for? Youtube Academy Award?

Not epic enough? Here, this has to be the most WTF wedding dress  of human civilization. Sometimes feminist are annoying. But then again, haters gonna hate.

vagina wedding dress

photo from thoughtcatalog.com




Shit My Fiance Says: Natalie Portman’s Forehead – an illustration

25 Jun

natalie portman's forehead

This was the photo I was about to take to the hair dresser to describe my haircut. So I sent this photo to my fiance to ask for his opinion. He said the forehead area seemed to be very “triangular” with this illustration.



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